Temporarily turn off customizations

Temporarily turn off settings and customizations

  • Click Appearance / Themes  [1]
  • Is the Child Theme is active? [2]
  • Activate the parent theme to temporarily turn off your customizations [3]

(Don't worry, you can always switch back and you won't loose anything)

Did you change the name of the theme or child theme? 

Make sure the theme name has not been changed or altered. Here is how to check.

  • Click Appearance / Theme Editor[1]
  • In the dropdown beside "Select theme to edit" [2]
    • Select [Theme name] - Child Theme (example "Stratus - Child Theme") 
  • Select "Stylesheet" under "Theme Files"[3]
  • Reference the "Theme Name:"[4]
    • It should be [Theme name] - Child Them (Example Stratus - Child Theme)
    • Reference our list below for proper names.

Here is a list of our correct theme names:

  • Bellevue
  • Bellevue - Child theme
  • Stratus
  • Stratus - Child theme
  • Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneur - Child theme
  • Pursuit
  • Pursuit - Child theme
  • Embark
  • Embark - Child theme 
  • Uplands
  • Uplands - Child theme


  1. Yes - Awesome! Review your settings and customizations to see where the conflict is. 
  2. No - Okay, let's try the next step below.
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