Footer setup

New - Global Templates

We are migrating all of our header and footer settings to Elementor! This make is much easier to create and customize your header, footer and create global site blocks. 

To try it out go to Dashboard > Bellevue > Global Templates

Check out the related article at the bottom of this guide.

If you wish to use the old Standard Header and Footer use the guide below.

Standard Header & Footer

The footer is a WordPress widget area (like the sidebar) which means that you can add any number of WP widgets there.

1. First you can choose the number of columns to show by going under: 

WP Dash / Appearance / Customize / Theme Options / Header & Footer /  "Standard Header & Footer".

You can choose 1-4 columns.

There you can also edit the copyright text that shows at the very bottom of the site.

2. To select which widgets show in the footer and to edit their content, you can go to either:

- Appearance > Widgets (backend view)
- or Appearance > Customize > Widgets (frontend live view)

There you can place them into each columns as you see fit.

3. There are four widgets specific to our themes which can be used in the footer (or sidebar): Contact Info, Social Icons, Payments Accepted, Footer Logo.

This is located under Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Widgets. 

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