Standard Header - Change or remove the logo

To add a logo

The default logo that shows in the upper left corner is bundled with the theme. To upload your own logo, you can go to one of these two locations (depending on theme version):
- Appearance / Customize / Theme Options / Logo
- Appearance / Customize / Theme Options / Header & Footer / Standard / Logo

Within that section, there are two fields where you can upload your logo.

  1. Logo - for your standard logo, upload a logo that you will use most frequently on your site.
  2. Alternative Logo - available as a second option in the transparent header - useful when you need a logo with a different contrast, color or style. More info on the alt logo »

To Adjust the size

You can also adjust the size of your logo before you upload by moving the Logo Height value up or down. 

  • Once that is done, you must save your changes and then re-upload your logo for the new size to take shape.

To hide the logo

If you want to hide the logo entirely, you can add this code to your child theme, or to the Custom CSS box under Appearance Customize / Additional CSS

#logo {visibility:hidden}

How to make a Retina Logo

If you would like to have a retina logo, you'll need to decide on the non-retina size first, set that size using the logo size slider under Appearance / Customize / Theme Options / Logo / Logo Height. Then save changes. Once you know and set the height, you'll need to make sure the logo you will upload is twice the size as of the height you set. Then you need to upload it under 'Logo' and also one for 'Alternative Logo' if you are using an alternative logo.

That should make a logo exactly twice the size of your non retina version automatically. 

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