Version 4.0

Slider Settings are now located directly into the Slider Widget Settings.

Version 3.0

WP Dash / Appearance / Customize / Theme Options / Slider

  • Auto play - Get the slides to rotate automatically, according to the speed you set. 
  • Transition Style (Animation) - Controls the transition style, "fade" or "slide"
  • Easing - Determines the easing method used in jQuery transitions
  • Infinite Loop - Have the slides rotate in an infinite loop and without stopping.
  • Smooth Height - Animate the height of the slider smoothly for slides of varying height
  • Slideshow Speed - Set the speed of the slideshow cycling, in milliseconds (1 s = 1000 ms)
  • Animation Speed - Set the speed of animations, in milliseconds (1 s = 1000 ms)
  • Randomize - Randomize slide order, on load
  • Pause on Hover - Make the slide pause when the mouse hovers over it.
  • Touch - Allow touch swipe navigation of the slider on enabled devices
  • Direction Nav - Create previous/next arrow navigation
  • Paging Controll - Create navigation for paging control of each slide
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