Specialized - Google Map

The Google Maps Widget is a easy way to add a full width background Google Map with a foreground info box.

Content Tab


  • Map Address - Address to your maps location
  • Zoom Level - Zoom in an out to see more of the map or less.
  • Google Maps API - Create a Google Maps API key here.
  • Height - Height of the Google Map Container
  • Prevent Scroll - Stops touch scroll.

Text Block

  • Title
  • Business Address
  • Hours
  • Link 1 - Text and URL
  • Link 2 - Text and URL

You can also check out the  Elementor Google Maps Widget for a different style.

How to setup a Google API Key

On May 2nd, 2018 Google announced new changes to their Google Maps Platform.  

Read the full announcement here.

What does this mean? 

Google Maps now requires anyone using the Google Maps Platform to setup an key. That includes the use of our Google Maps Widget.

How do I create an API Key? 

Create a Google Map API key here

You'll want to use the "Maps JavaScript API"

What if I need help? 

If you run into any questions or concerns please create a ticket here.

Is there an alternative Google Maps Widget?

Yes, you can use the Google Maps Widget that is included for free with Elementor. Learn more here:https://docs.elementor.com/article/49-google-maps

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