02 - Install Bellevue

Have you installed WordPress already?

  1. Yes - Awesome! Keep reading below...
  2. No - Okay, reference "Install WordPress" at the bottom of this article.

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Download theme zip from ThemeForest / Envato

Sign in and download from YOUR ThemeForest dashboard. Choose 'Installable WordPress File Only' and save it to your computer.

Upload the theme zip to your website (2 ways)

  1. WordPress Upload (screenshot below)
    1. Log into your WordPress site navigate to Appearance > Themes > and click on the Install Themes tab. 
    2. Next click on Upload and then Browse..., and select the zipped theme file. (Make sure this is the 'installable WordPress Only' zip from ThemeForest or else it will error)
    3. Click "Install Now" and the theme will be uploaded and installed.
  2. Manual FTP: 
    1. Using an FTP program, upload only the unzipped theme folder (not the .zip file or all of the folders) into the /wp-content/themes/ folder on your website server.

Activate the theme

Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to Appearance > Themes and click activate below your newly uploaded theme. 

What's Next?

Reference "Run setup guide" at the bottom of this article.

Video Tutorial

This is an example install of the Bellevue Hotel Theme but the setup is virtually the same for all of our themes.

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