WPML - String Translation

Sometimes you may need to translate a word on your website but it's not showing up inside the WPML translation editor. It could be that this world is a "String" that is hardcoded in the theme or part of WordPress core. It's easy to find these inside WPML and translate them. 


  1. Go to WPML / Theme and plugins localization 
  2. Scroll down to "Strings in the themes" and Bellevue, then check the box and click "Scan selected themes for strings" or keep scrolling down to "Strings in the plugins" / Page Builder Widget pack. The word you are looking for could be in either place.
  3. Let WPML scan 
  4. Once it has completed scanning you should be able to click and "Translate strings in Page Builder Widget pack"
  5. Now search for your word or phrase and use the Search button. Then you should be able to use the + symbol to translate.  
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