Booking as a Whole House or Single Room

Do you have a property that can be booked as a whole house or as a single room? It may be helpful to create two accommodation types for each booking scenario and then sync them together. 

You'll need to add custom endings to ical links of each calendar like so:

  1.  Go to Bookings / Sync Calendars
  2. If you have created two accommodations, you should see something like:
    1. Accommodation 1 -
    2. Accommodation 2 -
  3. When you add an "External calendar" for each, cross reference them with each other but instead of using the default links above add a unique ending to each, something like: 
    1. Accommodation 1 -
    2. Accommodation 2 -
  4. So Accommodation 1 would have its external calendar set to accommodation 2 with the extra ending, something like:
    1. -

We recommend disabling the "Export admin blocks" option via Accommodation / Settings if you are using this setup.

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