How to setup W3 Total Cache


SeeGeneral Performance Enhancementsrecommendations before setting up W3 Total Cache.


Install W3 Total Cache through your WordPress Dashboard / Plugins / Add new and search for W3 Total Cache or click thisrepo linkto download the zip.


Multi site / WordPress networks 

If you are using this on a multisite (aka Wordpress network) and you wish to have different settings per site, go to general settings and uncheck "Use single network configuration file for all sites."

Import settings script

Coming soon.

Default settings

If a setting is not mentioned below, leave it untouched (default)

General Settings

  • Page Cache
    • Page Cache: Enable
    • Page Cache Method: Disk: Basic
  • Minify
    • Minify: Enable
    • Minify mode: Auto
    • Minify Cache Method :Disk (or memcached if available)
    • HTML minifier: Minify (default)
    • JS Minifier: JSMin
    • CSS Minifier: Minify
  • Database Cache
    • Database cache: Enable 
    • Database Cache Method: Disk
  • Object Cache
    • Object Cache: Enable
    • Object Cache Method: Disk
  • Browser Cache
    • Browser Cache: Enable
  • CND
  • User Experience
    • Lazy load image: Enable
  • Save all settings


  • HTML & XML
    • Minify settings: Enable (checked)
    • Minify Method : combine & minify
    • Inline CSS minification (checked)
    • Line break removal (checked)
  • JS
    • JS minify settings: Enable (checked)
    • Minify Method : combine & minify
    • Minify engine settings
      • Before head: default (blocking)
      • After Body: non-blocking using defer
  • CSS
    • CSS minify settings: Enable (checked)
    • Minify Method : combine & minify
    • Line break removal (checked)
    • @import handling = Process
  • Save all settings

Browser Cache

  • General 
    • Set expires header = Checked
    • Set cache control header = Checked
    • Set W3 Total Cache header = Checked
  • All sections: CSS & JS / HTML & XML / Media and other files
    • Cache Control policy: = cache with max-age and validation.
  • Save all settings


  • Make sure to clear your cache before testing. WP Dash / Admin Bar / Performance / Purge All Caches
  • If you run into issues, it's most likely with the Minify Options. Try different combinations for Minify method setting for both JS and CSS. 
  • You can always reach out to the creators fo the Plugin for support. They are great people. 

W3 Total Cache Support Forum

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