Polylang - Customizer & Theme Options

You can translate strings in Polylang under WP Dash / Languages / String Translations, however, Polylang by default does not provide access to the Customizer settings or the theme options, so if you wanted to have a different footer widget setting per language, you'll need a script to help with that. We recommend adding the following script to your child theme.

Download and place the files inside your child theme folderhttps://github.com/themovation/customizer-polylang

It should look like this:https://cl.ly/3n151o1f2y12

Then add this line of code to your child-theme/functions.php file: (this could be embark-child/functions.php or stratus-child/functions.php or bellevue-child/functions.php)

include( STYLESHEETPATH . '/customizer-polylang.php');

It should look like this:https://cl.ly/1c1x2p1b2233

That should be it. :)

At the top of your cusotmizer window, you should see a language dropdown.

If you run into any issues, please let us know. Happy to help.

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