Booking - Set max capacity

This example uses an accommodation that requires these booking rules:

  • max capacity of 6 
  • can be any combination of adults and children
  • children over 11 are charged as an adult.
  • children 11 and under are free.
  • room price is set on 2 adult occupancy

Here's what I would do:

  1. Set your capacity to 6 inside the Accommodation Type (Accommodation / Accommodation Type / Edit / Capacity / Adults = 6
  2. Create a base price for your accommodation. Let's say $100 per night based on 2 person occupancy. (Accommodation / Rates)
  3. Add a new service for extra guests over age 11and set the max to 4 per accommodation.  (Accommodation / Services) 
  4. Combine adults and children as guests on checkout. (Accommodation / Settings / General / Guest Management / "Disable children option for my website (hide children field and use Guests label instead)"
  5. Optional: Use the custom filter text below if you wish to add helpful text for the visitor. 

Optional custom text on checkout:

Here is a screenshotof what the custom text could look like on checkout page. This would print out just before the services / add ons list. This specific example has even more rules but you can adjust to your needs.

Here is the custom code in a public GIST. You will need to add this to your child theme functions.php file.

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