Booking - Single Property or Single Room

If you have a single room or a single property, I recommend creating an accommodation type for that one room/single property. Then you can use the two widgets we use on our live demo to provide an:

  • Availability Calendar (called the Accommodation Availability Calendar widget)
  • Booking Request Form (called the Accommodation Booking Request widget)

If you would like to skip the Accommodation page altogether and just provide the booking request form on the homepage or someplace else, you can still use the Accommodation Booking Request widget, but you'll need to provide the Accommodation Type ID explicitly in the widget field for that. 

  1. Locate the Accommodation Type ID under Accommodation / Accommodation Type / then reference the ID of your accommodation,
  2. Then put that number into the widget field for the ID. 

You only nee to do the two steps above if you are using these widgets outside of the Accommodation Type page. If you use them on the page, the ID's are referenced automatically by the theme.

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