Booking - Editing Checkout Fields

We have had some questions about editing the MotoPress checkout fields and so we have created an article to provide more info. We have done a bit of searching and here are our findings so far (although we'll be digging deeper). 

Caveat: We don't develop this plugin but we do bundle it using our Extended license. So we are doing our best to support customization but there are limitations as this plugin is developed by a 3rd party. 

Customization using the template system

If you wish to customize parts of the plugin, please see their guide on templating the plugin here and scroll down to "For Developers"

Filters and hooks

Here is the official list of actions and filters for MotoPress. you can also search inside their plugin folder for "apply_filters". You'll see a lot inside the MotoPress Hotel Plugin. Here is an example?

Adding custom text to the checkout page

There is space to add text under Accommodation / Settings / "Text on Checkout".

WooCommerce checkout page

Don't forget, you also have the WooCommerce Payment module. (See related articles below)

If yo use that, you should be able to checkout via WooCommerce, and I think you can modify the WooCommerce checkout fields. I'm not totally familiar with that but I think I've seen it done before.

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